Virtual Interlining is NOT, Skiplagging

August 15, 2023

Virtual Interlining creates connections between airlines without interlining agreements to increase flight options and decrease itinerary costs. The practice is above board and the savviest of travellers have been doing it themselves for years.

Our technology uses your flight content to replicate this process and create the most cost-effective virtual interlining itineraries for travellers.

So if a traveller is looking to fly from New York to Paris by way of Copenhagen, they'll be able to fly with different airlines for each leg of the flight offering them the best deal possible.

Virtual Interlining is NOT, Skiplagging.

Skiplagging is when a traveller intentionally gets off at a layover city instead of flying all the way to their final destination - in this case, "skipping" the last leg of the flight.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you're looking to fly from Toronto to Lisbon. Instead of booking a direct flight to your final destination, you book a flight from Toronto to Frankfurt with a stopover in Lisbon and then throw away the last leg of the flight to remain in Lisbon.

The practice of skiplagging saves travellers money as direct flights are typically in higher demand - meaning higher prices. However, most major airlines forbid skiplagging. There have even been passengers who have had their whole itineraries cancelled when caught attempting to skiplag.

The Benefits of Virtual Interlining with Trip Ninja

  • $225 in average savings on virtual interlining
  • 15% cheaper fares compared to non-virtual interlining routes

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