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Single Agents
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Branded fares
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Save $264 per year
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Everything in Single Agents and...
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Custom Fare Types
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Advanced analytics
Custom onboarding plan
Designated account manager
Advanced teams and user permissions

Recommended Add-Ons

Power up your flight booking process with targeted functionality. Available via QuickTrip, or separately as an API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade at any time?

Absolutely! You can upgrade at any time in your billing cycle, even if you have an annual contract. However, if you want to downgrade you'll need to wait until the end of your billing cycle (but we doubt you'll want to!) 

Is this a long-term contract?

We offer subscriptions on both an annual and month-to-month basis. You can save 15% by signing up for an annual contract. If you aren't sure if Trip Ninja is a good fit, start with a month-to-month and you can upgrade anytime. Still not convinced? We offer a two week unlimited free trial.

What is the difference between Module and QuickTrip pricing?

Firstly, let's clarify what these things are. QuickTrip is our agent facing platform. It's powered by our flight search engine and machine learning algorithms and has all the basic functionality you need. You can add specific functionality (modules) to QuickTrip to give your agents extra tools. If you're looking for a flight search platform, our pricing is above (subscription based). However, if you're an OTA or if you already have a flight search platform that you love and you only want to upgrade it, you can access our modules via API. If that's the case, please reach out and we'll find price that fits your needs.

Where can I see the fine-print?

Our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions can be found right here on our site. Still have questions? Check out our knowledge base! 

Can I access modules without using QuickTrip? 

All of our modules can be integrated into an existing booking platform via API. So if you already have a booking platform, you can definitely access the modules you need to streamline your flight-booking process!

How does the free trial work? 

Trip Ninja is happy to offer a free, two-week trial so you can see just how much easier your booking process becomes when you use our products. Once you sign up, we'll send you a few emails letting you know how to get started - what credentials to use, how to access everything, and a quick overview of our UI. Then, search away! When you're nearing your 14-day mark, we'll check in with you to see if you want to subscribe. If you don't want to continue, just cancel your subscription and your credentials will be deactivated. If you want to keep going, your subscription will roll over once the trial is done.

What happens when the free trial ends? 

When you sign up for a free trial, you must provide credit card details for payment. Your card will not be charged throughout the free trial. When your trial is done, it will automatically roll over into a paid subscription. You can cancel at any time during the trial and your card will not be charged.

What is an agent?

An agent, in this case, refers to one set of credentials that can log into QuickTrip, search, and book flights. Our pricing, both monthly and yearly, is per agent, so the amount listed above is the price for each additional user account.