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SmartFlights Features


FareStructure automates split ticketing on all searches, creating the best itineraries with lower costs than the GDS.
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Built for OTAs of any size

Advanced machine-learning flights search and composition

Simple pricing billed monthly

2-6% of TTV

only pay for booked itineraries

Based on Monthly Total Transaction Volume and feature(s) enabled.

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Virtual Interlining

Virtual Interlining creates connections between airlines without interlining agreements to increase flight options and decrease itinerary costs.
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FAQ about Pricing


Are there any hidden fees or additional monthly costs?


No, you only pay for booked and taken itineraries using our features.

What if there are cancellations?


We don't charge you for any canceled itineraries. We send a monthly reconciliation report with our invoice for full transparency.

How can I pay?


You can pay via wire transfer.

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