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Why Trip Ninja?

Time is Money

Trip Ninja creates complex itineraries in just 6 seconds - itineraries that would take experienced agents 20+ minutes to find. We automate processes to find the best solution every time.

Agent Knowledge, Codified

Create the best itinerary every time - automatically. Trip Ninja distills complex search and booking processes into accessible SaaS products and APIs, for use by retail agents and OTAs.

Precision and Profit

Trip Ninja tech finds better itineraries and capitalizes on them with a proprietary revenue management system. OTAs are empowered to apply the right markup to each trip - every time.

Products built for everyone

Trip Ninja’s innovative technology can be accessed in two ways, the complete package or the API that you can plug into your own platform.

Complete end-to-end package for agents
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API Connection
Trip Ninja's API for OTAs or TMCs
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Powerful Modules

One size does not fit all. Pick and choose from our add-on modules to construct the best toolset for your agency. Available for QuickTrip and API Products.

Custom Fares

Improve your offering to clients by utilizing special fare classes, like student-only, ITX, and geography-specific fares.

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This module presents route-flexible travelers with cheaper ordering of their target destinations. About 65% of travelers have flexibility in their route.

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Virtual Interlining
Coming soon!

The Virtual Interlining module utilizes split-ticketing and non-interlined airline matching to increase flight options and lower costs.

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Dynamic Packaging
Coming soon!

Build packages in real time. The Dynamic Packaging module couples the best flight fares with the best hotel rates for incredible value.

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Automatic split-ticketing on all searches
Mix & Match
Combined content sources in checkout
Multi-PCC Search
Use all of your PCC and Office-IDs for searches
Consolidated Data Sources
Your GDS account, your commissions, our algorithms
Internal Caching
Save time and reduce the look-to-book burden
Machine Learning
Protects your look-to-book with the knowledge of millions of searches
Branded Fares
Branded fares are automatically presented

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