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Trip Ninja is the developer of several key products for traditional and online travel agencies automating the manual process of creating complex international itineraries efficiently. Agencies can decrease time searching and increase profits while creating time to connect with valued customers.

We launched QuickTrip 2.0 in 2020, with several new and improved features and a sleek, updated user interface that helps agents focus on finding the best flights in any travel scenario.

QuickTrip is an all-in-one flight booking platform for travel agents that automates the complex aspects of the flight booking process, helping agents get quotes and create itineraries with amazing efficiency.

The software connects your data sources into one convenient platform, allowing you to mix and match to create the best possible itineraries. Automation and ongoing machine-learning capabilities provide agents more time to pursue high-value work by finding the best itinerary, every single time.
We’ve opened it up, so the configuration is flexible. We offer the ability to access branded fares with baggage filtering and more. We’ve also improved the flexibility of itinerary options. Now, travel agents can see the best itinerary options and customize them to meet the specific needs of their clients, not just find the cheapest rates, with ease. We’ll find the cheapest/quickest/best options based on the parameters you set.

The interface has also been improved. The new design is clean, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. It was designed with agents in mind, ensuring even the most junior travel agent could find their way around easily.

Trip Ninja offers a two-week free trial for agents interested in trying QuickTrip. The app is available through a monthly subscription model based on the number of users and is available both as a standalone app or as an integration into existing booking engines.

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Our tech sits between great agents and their flight data sources. Stop wasting time switching between platforms. Include all data sources in a single search, so your team can find the best fare every time. We use your content, so you’re always working toward incentives, and keeping all commissions.
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