Our Products

Integrate our unique search technology directly into your website via our API or ask about our Whitelabel and improve the search experience for your customers. Your user interface won’t change!

We offer highly customized results. Our technology allows you to determine what your customers' "best route" is by changing the weight of overall cost, and transit time.

Worried about your L2B? Don’t be! Tests have shown our technology effectively lowers companies look-to-book ratios.



FareStructure breaks up a ticket into multiple one-ways and/or open-jaw tickets to lower the total ticket price without modifying travel order.

FareStructure is easily integrated into metasearch user interfaces, where the lowest price gets the top position. We help you compete better while increasing your margins.




Flex trip works by switching destinations to find cheaper routes. A Flex-Trip option is visible in the results page, displaying the route in the order it was entered, and Trip Ninja's flexible suggestion. This allows users to enter the search in a way that is familiar to them. 

While users are presented with a Flex-Trip, they are able to choose different options for each segment of their trip. This way, they can see flight duration, departure and arrival times, the price adjustment for each segment and customize each segment to their preferences. 

It’s possible for users to lock in certain destinations as either their first to visit, or last to visit. This allows users with partial flexibility to still reap benefits from flexible travel. This feature is ideal for fixed events like weddings, or conferences. 


We use your inventory

We use your GDS connections to ensure you get all your private fare data with the results. Currently we work with Amadeus and Travelport, but if you use another provider let us know, it might be in development!


The commercials

By offering your clients lower prices you’re able to compete more effectively with your competitors. You’re also able to charge a higher markup while remaining cheaper than your competition. It’s a win-win!