Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trip Ninja?

Trip Ninja is a travel technology company with a B2B business model. We currently offer Online Travel Agencies and travel agents two main products: 

1. Flex-Trip analyzes thousands of flights and automatically reorders cities for flexible travelers to find the best price. 

2. Fare-Structure uncovers split tickets and open jaw combinations for amazing savings. 


What kinds of trips are ideal for Trip Ninja?

Our products are ideal for trips to Europe, Asia, gap-year trips, and any other vacation where users are visiting multiple places.


What if users need to be somewhere at a given date?

With Flex-Trip users may lock their first or last destination. This is ideal for travelers that have to attend fixed events like weddings, conferences, concerts, or family get togethers. Fare-Structure will automatically offer better prices by uncovering savings via split ticketing and open jaw options - without the need to reorder cities visited. 


What GDS systems does Trip Ninja use?

Currently integrated with Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan (Travelport) and Amadeus.

 Will your technology increase my look-to-book?

No, tests have shown our technology will actually decrease your look-to-book, and will also likely increase your conversion rate.

Where can I get the most up to date news on what Trip Ninja is up to?

Follow us on Facebook,  Twitter and LinkedIn


What about buses, trains and hotels?

As we continue developing product features, we plan on integrating buses, trains and hotels. 


Why was Trip Ninja founded?

Our team loves to travel. From our own experiences and through our research, we have learned that planning a trip is one of the biggest pain points in travel. We see an opportunity to improve the travel experience and make travel accessible to more. 


Are there investment opportunities?

Not currently, but stay tuned! If you’re interested contact us at