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“Define the World of Travel. Together.” – was the motto of this year’s ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism event. The 2024 ITB Berlin Convention, the leading think tank of the travel industry, brings global trends, leading experts and the latest best practice examples to the stages of ITB Berlin under the subline “Pioneer the Transition in Travel & Tourism. Together.”

At ITB, our team was proud to showcase how our machine-learning based SmartFlights API is solving for complexities in air travel and bringing air travel search and composition to the next level amongst like-minded exhibitors in the Travel Technology Hall. Over the course of the convention, we met with passionate leaders in the travel industry, interacted with main-stage presentations, and demonstrated our game-changing technology. Reflecting on the ITB Berlin 2024 convention, below are some key learnings directly from our Trip Ninja Team in Berlin:

Key Learning #1: Embracing Transformation in Travel Technology

Following ITB Berlin's 2023 theme of "Open for Change" in a world of travel post-Covid, At ITB Berlin 2024, the theme of transformation continued to echo across the convention hall and speaking venues. Embracing ML and AI solutions seems to be at the forefront of OTA and content providers's minds as the modern traveler's expectations evolve. During her opening ceremony speech, Julia Simpson, World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)'s president, noted that “We as a sector must also embrace future technologies and most importantly, the AI revolution. The effect of AI on Travel & Tourism will be more profound than any technological development since the invention of the world wide web”. Our Trip Ninja team similarly believe that machine learning tools that simplify the complexity of air travel like our SmartFlights API are important to provide better and more differentiated flights offerings to today's flier. Speaking to ITB Berlin attendees, our team found a resounding amount of positive feedback about our technology and we look forward to not only embracing, but continuing to driving change in the industry through technology.

Key Learning #2: Mastering Innovation Through Collaboration

One of the standout aspects of ITB Berlin 2024 was the emphasis on collaboration and innovation to solve the challenges facing the travel industry today. During a convention speech, Kai Wegner, the governing mayor of Berlin said that ITB is the largest marketplace for ideas. With approximately 100,000 exhibitors, industry leaders, travel and tourism students students and buyers who attended the show this year, the ITB Berlin Convention served as a catalyst for forging meaningful connection and sharing ideas. At the show, Trip Ninja captured the great opportunity for connection at ITB Berlin by collaborating with  with our current and potential partners in the OTA, Retail, and B2B spaces. Over the course of the convention, our team is proud to have explored new and exciting ways to integrate and further develop our product offerings with existing and future partners to drive positive transformation within the travel technology space

Key Learning #3: Putting the Traveler at the Center of Transformation

Amidst the discussions on technology and innovation, ITB Berlin 2024 emphasized the enduring importance of the traveler in the industry. From our time at ITB Berlin, our team developed a strong understanding of the significance of price for travelers in today's inflationary world, and calls for unique offerings and experience at an affordable price point. Since last ITB, our team has seen developments in NDC integration and adoption of AI chat-based solutions to provide individuated products to travelers. Although the travel industry continues to boom post-covid, with Travel & Tourism expected to account for over 9% of GDP in 2023, travelers are price conscious, and looking for savings in less experience-based high ticket items like air travel. There is also interest in  growing the "affordable luxury" segment, using products like Trip Ninja's Virtual Interlining feature to offer business class seats at a reduced cost for experienced travelers. In speaking to leaders in travel at ITB Berlin 2024, it is clear to us that putting the traveler at the center of innovation will continue to shape the way we as an industry innovate.

ITB Berlin is always an exciting event for Trip Ninja, and this year in particular our team was ignited by the affirmation from leaders in the industry that SmartFlights API is a powerful tool that OTAs and B2B providers can use to better their position in the dynamic world of travel. The Trip Ninja team continues to use key learnings from ITB and similar opportunities for collaboration to build products that shape the future of travel technology for our partners. As the air travel landscape continues to evolve, Trip Ninja remains dedicated to leading the way, ensuring that its machine-learning based API continues to set new benchmarks in optimizing revenue per search for flight itineraries.

Did you attend ITB? Are you interested in learning more about Trip Ninja technology or how we can help you achieve better conversions, revenue per search, or flight options for your flights customers? We would love to hear from you! Connect with us at support@tripninja.io and subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about upcoming tourism and travel events.

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