Technology you can trust

A graphic with a picture of a man in the background that is wearing a collared button-up and a headset, working on a computer. In the foreground is a picture of the results page from the Trip Ninja platform QuickTrip showing cheap flight results.

Smart(er) searches

Leverage powerful machine learning algorithms and take your searches to the next level. Complex itineraries are now available to agents of all skill levels, so you can get more done, with less.

Consolidated content

Mix-and-match your existing contact from all your existing sources and access it on a single platform. Achieve major time savings and efficiency gains by eliminating platform switching

Agent metrics and management

Agent setup and management is simple and straightforward, so you can focus on selling travel and delighting customers

Find the best fare, every time, with our machine learning modules

Our tech sits between great agents and their flight data sources. Stop wasting time switching between platforms. Include all data sources in a single search, so your team can find the best fare every time. We use your content, so you’re always working toward incentives, and keeping all commissions.
Independent agent? Get all the features of QuickTrip built right
into our website with Trip Ninja’s IBE
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Automate manual processes so you
can focus on scaling your business

Offline Travel Agencies

Consolidate your data sources and increase agent efficiency using our QuickTrip platform
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Online Travel Agencies

Use our independent modules to enhance specific aspects of your flight booking flow
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Travel Management Companies

Help IRD agents generate complex itineraries, faster, or automate entirely
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