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Powerful Modules

Learn more about our innovative add-on modules that will bring value and flexibility to any organization. Available for QuickTrip and API Products. Contact us for pricing.

Custom Fares

Are you getting a special rate deal from your suppliers? Utilize this special pricing and offer better deals to your customers by leveraging our support for custom fares.

  • ITX Fares
  • Student-only Fares
  • Geography-based Fares


This module presents route-flexible travelers with cheaper ordering of their target destinations. About 65% of travelers have flexibility in their route.

  • Beat GDS pricing on 93%* of multi-city itineraries
  • Multi-city trips at a fraction* of the price of a standard GDS itinerary.
Coming soon!

Virtual Interlining

The Virtual Interlining module utilizes split-ticketing and non-interlined airline matching to increase flight options and lower costs.

  • Virtual Interlining itineraries, constructed with your content
  • Improved flexibility and reduced prices
Coming soon!

Dynamic Packaging

Build packages in real time. The Dynamic Packaging module couples the best flight fares with the best hotel rates for incredible value.

  • Packages constructed with your content, when you need them
  • Generate multi-city packages, unlocking even more great savings on the most complex itineraries.

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Trip Ninja’s  all-in-one solution in a user-facing platform with access to all of our powerful back-end technology. Simply sign into QuickTrip and start searching.
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Trip Ninja API

Our powerful technology is available as a flexible API that allows organizations to integrate and use what they want to improve their existing products.

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