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The end-to-end flight booking solution for travel agencies

Empower agents with the tools to construct better itineraries - faster

Harness the power of the QuickTrip Ecosystem

Flights can be complicated; from disjointed legacy systems, to confusing fare rules, and more - but your customers don’t need to know that. Take the trial and error out of your flight booking process so your agents can do more with less and spend more time where it matters - talking to your customers.

All the features you need

  • End-to-end flight booking
    From search to final booking, empower your agents with the tools they need to find the cheapest itinerary in seconds
  • Tailored functionality
    Get started with QuickTrip (our agent facing platform) and power it up with the specific modules that meet your needs. All the performance, none of the fluff.
  • Your content
    We use your content - so you're always working towards your airline incentives and pulling your net rates. Combine all your content in a single search and stop switching platforms.
Hire fast, train faster

Reduce onboarding time

We've learned from, and replicated, the tricks of senior agents and combined them with our machine learning. With QuickTrip, ramp up time is a thing of the past - agents can perform at a high level on day one.
Get quotes to customers faster

Decrease the time it takes to generate complex itineraries

Increasing agent efficiency increases conversions and agent capacity while decreasing the number of call-backs needed. Help your team do more with less.
See results sooner

The integration
is seamless

We integrate with the tools and data sources you already use so you can
launch immediately - and see results sooner. No developers needed!
Better insights for better business decisions

Insights into agent performance, bookings, and more

Get deep insights into what routes you're booking, what your top performing data sources are, where your margins are higher, and more.

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