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Try Trip Ninja’s innovative technology in its native user-facing platform.

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Built for Travel Agents

Simple Setup

Setting up with Trip Ninja is a painless process. Tell us which content sources to load into your account and we’ll handle the rest.


Trip Ninja’s technology is sophisticated, but straightforward. Our backend systems are paired with a friendly, usable UI.


With flexible add-ons and multiple content sources, you can customize your Trip Ninja experience to your business.

End-to-end Solution

QuickTrip was designed to make travel agent’s lives easier. All of our technology and algorithms work in real time when searching for flights on QuickTrip.

You can search, book, review, and plan trips for your clients - all in one place.

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Let us do the hard work

We use your GDS account, PCCs, and Office ID’s with our algorithms to find the best prices and itineraries for all of your searches. The best part? Segment fees and commissions are still all in your control.

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