Search, quote, and book all on one flexible platform

Search, quote, and book all on
one flexible platform

QuickTrip is powered by our proprietary machine learning algorithms. We'll do the heavy lifting for you by figuring out the best combination of fares based on your needs, so you can be confident you have the best price.
Independent agent? Get all the features of QuickTrip built right into our website with Trip Ninja’s IBE
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Modules for every situation

Branded Fares

Ancillaries often have the best margins and commissions. We’ve built branded fares right into the search so you can easily compare options and fine the best fares for your client

Compare every option

Time is crucial. The faster you can get a quote to a traveller, the more likely they are to convert. Our filters let you compare the cheapest, fastest, or best itinerary instantly, and fine tune from there

All your data sources

Stop wasting time switching between platforms. Include all data sources in a single search, so your team can find the best possible fare. We use your content, so you’re always working toward incentives

All the powerful features of QuickTrip built right into your website

We’ve distilled much of what makes skilled agents special and augmented it with automation and machine learning, giving you a consumer-grade experience for direct bookings.

Maximize customer revenue

Automate your business systems

Caching makes searching faster

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