Kiwi Multi-city Alternative

Trip Ninja vs. Kiwi Tequila


While searching for the best B2B multi-city flight provider you might ask yourself, how does Kiwi’s Tequila stack up against Trip Ninja? Both have multi-city flight solutions; however, Kiwi targets travel retailers, consolidators, airports, and airlines alike, whereas Trip Ninja has a more specialized audience, developing solutions specifically for Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), and Travel Management Companies (TMCs). Trip Ninja also removes the onus of determining markups from travel retailers.


Trip Ninja is a technology company whose sole mission is to increase revenue for online travel agencies and travel management companies through better multi-city itineraries. This is done by finding the best split-ticketing format for flights, or re-arranging destination order if deemed appropriate by the traveller, with the goal of finding the most affordable trip. Trip Ninja also has the unique revenue management system (RMS) which sets the right markups, which are then shared between the two parties.


Tequila is the B2B platform of It is uses virtual interlining technology (combining flights from non-cooperating airlines into one trip) in order to create multi-city itineraries. is looking to become a dominant player in the online travel space through diversification into hotels and car rentals as well as developing their B2C ( and B2B (Kiwi Tequila) platforms.

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User Friendly Interface

Using the Trip Ninja API allows a traveller to easily book on your website. The branding and layout will be entirely yours! Trip Ninja also has a Whitelabel that is useful for traditional offline travel retailers to sell flights found by our software. Both of these platforms use your content so you have complete freedom in your supplementary integrations.

Purely B2B

Trip Ninja caters specifically to travel retailers, and does not have a platform that sells directly to travellers. This means that you can partner with a non-competitor with the goal of creating the best multi-city itineraries.

Traveller Friendly

Virtual Interlining is several separate tickets with non-cooperating airlines, which causes undue stress for the traveller because customer service, connection, and visa issues frequently arise. Unlike Virtual Interlining, however, Trip Ninja’s flight connections conform to the alliances’ connection policies. However, Trip Ninja does allow for any of your data sources to be integrated into our technology, including Kiwi’s API!

Revenue Management System

Calculating markups on multi-city flights is difficult because every itinerary is unique, for that reason Trip Ninja has the revenue management system. This system automatically generates the right markup for each itinerary to maximize revenue per search. The markup is then shared evenly between the two partners.