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Travelport is a leading GDS fare provider.

Travelport lets you:

1. Access myriad air content

2. Access all net and loaded fares

3. Access branded fares

4. Search and book air tickets

Integrate your travelport content with all other integrated data sources in a single search

ClickUp lets you:1. Slack Actions. Create tasks and comments from messages! Click the "more actions" option beside a message to select the ClickUp Assistant options.2. Commands. In any channel, simply type /clickup new to  a new task, right from your Slack feed!3. Unfurl Tasks in Slack. When task links are posted in Slack, they'll be instantly enriched with detail, context, and the ability to perform actions with the task.4. Slack Notifications. Receive notifications from the Space, Project, or List of your choice. Updates to tasks will automatically be sent to the channel of your choice with this handy feature.The ClickUp Slack integration is available for all users. For more info or for help integrating Slack with your ClickUp Account click here.

"What is Travelport’s air search solution?Part of our search capability, Travelport’s air search solution uses advancedanalytics, AI, machine learning and a complex set of algorithms to search across millions of fares and itinerary options. By removing undesirable content with ahistory of non-conversion and reducing polling demands on our airline supplier systems our strategies and architecture optimize the results returned in response to a given query." - https://www.travelport.com/sites/default/files/2019-10/airsearch.pdf

Trip Ninja products are fully compatible with Travelport as a data source and can be accessed through emulation. Installing the Travelport add-on allows users to pull their fares directly from the Worldspan, Galileo, and Apollo GDS's.

In order for Trip Ninja to access your fares from Travelport, you'll need to take a few steps depending on which GDS you use.

If you are using Galileo or Apollo, you must fill out and submit the SBVC form to the Travelport team to complete the emulation. If you are using Worldspan, Trip Ninja will need your KYA commands to complete the emulation.

Once the emulation is active, please contact support@tripninja.io, or your Account Manager to enable the emulation.

For more information, see this article on our Knowledge Base: https://help.tripninja.io/article/8-emulation

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