FareStructure is a key function of our QuickTrip platform. We'll search all of your data sources and find the best combination of one-ways, open-jaws, and round-trip flights to create the most competitive itineraries in seconds, depending on the needs of the traveller. This function is automatically carried out if you are a QuickTrip subscriber, but it can also be integrated into existing booking engines via API. 

FareStructure allows you to set parameters for your search so that you can get the best itinerary on your own terms. It also allows for more markup opportunities by identifying savings in the flight costs. When used in combination with FlexTrip, your traveller has the potential to uncover hundreds in savings. You no longer need to check different data sources individually, FareStructure will check them in seconds. 

Trip Ninja offers a two-week free trial for FareStructure through a QuickTrip subscription, so you can try it out yourself. 

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