Trip Ninja finds cheaper multi-city itineraries and uncovers markup opportunities using existing content sources.

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Increase metasearch conversions

Trip Ninja builds the cheapest itineraries ⁠— putting you at the head of the metasearch pack ⁠— so customers always see you first, increasing your conversion rate.


Automate the work that offline agents have done for decades

Our algorithms can generate complex itineraries in seconds, bringing the offline experience into the modern age. Travellers can trust that you’ll have the cheapest multi-city itineraries, saving them hours of manual searching.

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Drive more revenue with multi-city

Competition is high and markups are low on one-ways and round-trips. The opposite is true for multi-city. Take advantage of this opportunity and drastically increase overall revenue.

Integration & Technology

The Trip Ninja integration is fast and easy

Our API integration is simple (less than a week for 1 developer), so you’ll see results faster. We’ll send one of our software engineers to assist with the integration and be available immediately for support requests ⁠— making everything run smoothly.


We’ve spent years building this technology ⁠— so you don’t have to

At Trip Ninja, we live and breathe multi-city travel. We’re constantly improving our algorithms so you get the best product for years to come, at no additional R&D expense to you. All benefits, no cost.


Halve your multi-city look-to-book

We know that look-to-book is a major concern. We’ve spent years developing our technology so we’re only doing exactly as many queries as necessary to find the cheapest price. By increasing conversions, we’ve halved look-to-book for our previous partners.

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Effortlessly integrate Trip Ninja’s API and start seeing increased multi-city revenue sooner!