Trip Ninja empowers offline agents to create complex itineraries quickly and accurately.

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Agents have been developing complex itineraries for years. We take their expertise and give them the tools to generate these itineraries more quickly. What an agent with 20 years of experience can do in 10 minutes, our algorithms can do in 20 seconds. We want to give your agents more time doing what they do best - working with your customers.

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Decrease the time it takes to generate complex itineraries

Increasing agent efficiency increases conversions, decreases the number of call-backs needed, and increases agent capacity.


Find the cheapest option every time

Our technology is designed to sift through all orders of multi-city flights in order to generate the most affordable option for your traveller.

We’ll search combinations of one-ways and open-jaws and reorder the sequence of destinations to find the best itinerary. And we’ll do it all in 20 seconds.

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Integration & Technology

The integration is seamless

You can start using our White Label within a week, or integrate our API ⁠⁠(integration takes 1 week for 1 developer) into your existing booking platform. Our White Label is easy to use so your agents can start using it immediately ⁠— no adoption time needed!

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Tailored settings to suit your needs

We’ll ensure that your agents have all the tools they need to construct great multi-city itineraries. Whether you’re a tour operator, consolidator, or TMC, we’ll work with you to ensure the platform is customized for you.

Empower your agents to create multi-city itineraries quickly and accurately.