Sales and Business Development Intern

Who are we?

Trip Ninja is a partnerships-based, global technology company specializing in multi-destination travel. Our Ninjas develop technologies with and for our partners that increase profit margins while providing travellers with savings. We are on a mission to help more people travel. We believe that travel helps people understand other cultures, and that seeing the world through another person's eyes helps make the world a better place. 

Who is the perfect Ninja to join our team?

We are looking for a Business Development coop. The ideal candidate is highly adaptable and has an interest in immersing themselves in the travel tech industry.

Why join Trip Ninja?

Be part of something different! Contribute to making the world a place where people understand others’ perspectives. Travel does this better than anything else. In addition, as you navigate the ever shifting business landscape of the travel industry, you’ll soon see that no two days will be the same at Trip Ninja. We offer competitive compensation and a flexible time-off schedule.

As a Business Development Coop you can expect to:

  • Research and develop communications channels for potential clients

  • Build and improve sales nurturing processes

  • Sit in on sales calls and meetings to gauge improvement opportunities. 

  • Manage aspects of our inbound marketing strategy (Hubspot marketing, blogs, etc.)

  • Carry out A/B tests on inbound and outbound marketing efforts

We are looking for someone with these skills and attributes:

  • Experience with Hubspot and other sales and marketing tools

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite products, especially Word and Excel

  • Comfortable generating and reviewing PowerPoint decks

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Unafraid to ask questions and make suggestions to peers and managers

  • Self-motivated and able to deal with uncertainty and rejection

Desirable Qualifications & Experience:

  • Working towards a Bachelors of Commerce or Management or a similar program

  • Experience applying analytical skills to business and organizational problems

  • Interest in travel and technology

Apply Now

Please send a cover letter and resume to

Danielle Lapierre