Trip Ninja and CheckMyFares announce strategic partnership to go live with FareStructure technology

Trip Ninja and CheckMyFares today announce the launch of their strategic partnership and the integration of Trip Ninja’s innovative FareStructure technology with CheckMyFare’s advanced and user-friendly flight booking interface. 

As the online travel industry continues to flourish, travel agencies, both offline and online, must develop new and innovative solutions to ensure that they retain their competitive edge in the market. Trip Ninja’s sole mission is to increase revenue for online travel agencies and travel management companies through better multi-city itineraries. With FareStructure integration, online travel agencies like CheckMyFares can not only provide better itineraries for travellers looking to book multi-city trips, but they can also identify and apply the most appropriate markups in seconds, allowing them to usurp competitors on metasearch generators. 

“We are extremely excited about this partnership and truly think it will be beneficial for all involved, including travellers” said Trip Ninja CEO, Andres Collart. “It is clear that the industry is looking for new ways to increase their bookings, and we have the technology to help. We believe in the multi-city revolution and think that our partnership with CheckMyFares will help move things forward in the industry.” 

The partnership between Trip Ninja and CheckMyFares represents the industry’s next steps as more online travel agencies and travel management companies look for solutions that allow them to reach more travellers and increase bookings.

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