Trip Ninja Launches QuickTrip 2.0

Trip Ninja is excited to announce the launch of QuickTrip 2.0, highlighting several new and improved features and a sleek, updated user interface that will help agents focus on finding the best flights for travellers. 

QuickTrip is an all-in-one flight booking platform for agents that automates the complex aspects of the flight booking process, helping agents create itineraries and get quotes more quickly. QuickTrip aggregates your data sources into one convenient platform, allowing you to mix-and-match to create the best possible itineraries. Automation and machine-learning capabilities give agents more time to pursue high-value work by finding the best itinerary, every single time.

With the new release comes some exciting and long-awaited features. We’ve improved user’s ability to access and filter through branded fares, and baggage filtering has been upgraded as well. There are more feature options than ever before, giving agents the ability to search on their own terms. We’ve also improved the flexibility of your itinerary options. QuickTrip used to focus on the cheapest option, but we’ve realized that cheapest doesn’t always equal best. Now, agents can see the best itinerary options and customize itineraries to meet the needs of their clients with no hassle. This means that rather than finding the best configuration of one-ways and open-jaws, and sticking to it, we’ve opened it up so that the configuration is flexible. We’ll find the cheapest/fastest/best options based on the parameters you set for the trip. 

QuickTrip’s interface has also been improved. The new design is clean, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. It was designed with agents in mind, as we wanted to ensure that even the most junior agent could easily find their way around. 

QuickTrip is the perfect all-in-one booking platform for agents who want to save time and find the best itineraries quickly. Trip Ninja is offering a two-week free trial for anyone interested in trying QuickTrip. The app is available via a monthly subscription model based on the number of users, and is available both as a standalone app or as an integration into existing booking engines. For more information, book a demo! 

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