Introducing the Trip Ninja Modular Marketplace

At the Phocuswright Battleground pitch competition last week, Brett Ziegler, Founder and COO of Trip Ninja, announced a new vision: help create the “Travel Agency of the Future.” The future of the company will include broadening our scope and moving from focusing on multi-city to leveraging existing technologies. The focus will be on technologies that will help retail agency owners and TMCs streamline complexity in their everyday booking processes using machine learning. 

“Trip Ninja believes in a future where all agency owners - regardless of their geography, product mix, or capital investment - should have access to modular products that, when used incrementally, help them drive revenue, but when used together, help them power the agency of the future,” explained Brett Ziegler, COO of Trip Ninja at Phocuswright Innovation Battleground. 

We’re ecstatic to announce we were awarded the People’s Choice Award for our pitch and new vision. “We’ve always been, at our core, an intelligence company. We’ve seen a strong need in the offline space, and we’re excited to be able to provide a holistic solution,” said Ziegler. 

“We’ve distilled decades of agent behaviour, insider tips, and best practices into their product stack, helping agencies find better airfare, build trust, and lead the post-COVID recovery.” 

Travel agencies have been creating complex itineraries for decades, but they’re reliant on cumbersome legacy booking systems and require skilled, senior agents to uncover the best fares. Great agents are not scalable -- but roughly 50% of all travel bookings are still done by travel agents. Our technology empowers these agents to spend more time on high value work while automating the most time consuming processes. 

Trip Ninja’s new product cloud, composed of QuickTrip, our agent-facing platform, and our  modular marketplace, is designed to integrate the tools agents already use in a streamlined way. Far from being yet another “smart itinerary builder,” QuickTrip was built to empower agent decision making capabilities and ancillary upsell opportunities. QuickTrip provides agents with intelligent recommendations and more information throughout the booking flow - such as baggage information, fare rules, and alternative ticketing methods. QuickTrip pulls all flight content sources into 1 place and checks them all with a single search, so agents don't waste valuable time switching between platforms. 

Brett Ziegler presents at the virtual Phocuswright Battleground

The modular marketplace provides E2E booking modules which replicate the experience of senior agents using machine learning and are selected by users as add-ons to extend the functionality of QuickTrip. The modules can be used on or off platform, individually, or stacked upon one another.

“We believe that the Travel Agencies that will thrive and rebound will be those that leverage the knowledge of experienced agents at scale,” said Ziegler in his presentation. “So if we can take this work of very expensive, very senior agents... and free them up to make more money, especially in a time when people are going to have to do more work for less… that’s what’s really interesting to us, that’s what we think is a really strong opportunity.”

Check out Brett's pitch starting at 1:04:45:

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