Trip Ninja Integrates with Galileo

Trip Ninja is excited to announce that they have completed integrating with the Galileo GDS System. The decision to integrate with an additional GDS system was fuelled by interest in Trip Ninja’s technology from online travel agencies. Galileo is a product by Travelport, one of the world’s largest GDS providers handling over 18 Billion API calls per month, representing 68 000 agencies. Integrating with Galileo will allow Trip Ninja to connect with a greater number of travel agents and online travel agencies, and improve the multi-city booking experience for even more travellers.


This integration comes in addition to their previous integration with Apollo, another Travelport product. They have plans to continue integrating with additional GDS systems, including Amadeus.  Their goal is to be able to integrate our multi-city search technology with as many travel agencies as possible and have their search method become the standard when it comes to booking multi-city travel.

Trip Ninja was founded in 2015 by Andres Collart, Brett Zeigler, Rob Dumont, and Julieta Collart. Development took 2 years, and several iterations before arriving at a product with true market potential. The idea for the multi-city search technology was born out its founders' own frustrations when searching for multi-city travel. They were flexible in their route order but didn’t want to spend the time necessary to check all 120 combinations of a 5-city route in order to find the best deal. Trip Ninja solves this problem by checking all potential route combinations at once and returning the best route order, without the user having to input every different combination.